Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm doing absolutely crappy when it comes to fitness and being healthy.  I weigh the same (if not a little more) than I did when this blog started.  Nothing has changed, and it's driving me crazy!  It doesn't help that I get severe PMS for at least a week, and then feel horrible during my period, so that's about two weeks out of every month where I don't feel like exercising, but I do feel like eating chocolate.

I'm ready to do something about it, though, because I'm sick of complaining.  I'm tired of just wishing I was healthier and in better shape.  I'll try to participate more here, cause I need something, and what I've been doing isn't working.  Mostly because, well, doing nothing hardly ever works. ;)

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  1. Seriously! Thats how I feel too. Lets get it in gear. I am going to revamp my goals and ticker and make a fresh start! Gotta get it together!