Monday, August 24, 2009

The Beginning

Hello Everyone!!! I hope everyone has had a good first week of Fat People No Mo'! I loved last week. I feel better, I'm eating better, and exercising. However, I gained a pound. Not very happy when I weighed myself this morning, but I am just going to say its because I am building muscle right? I did measure myself for this very reason. Sometimes I think your weight doesn't tell you how in shape you a point that is. Can't wait to hear the results of every one's first week!

And feel free to post whatever and when ever you want. Progress, recipes, frustrations, exercises, or motivation. The point of this is to help each other reach our goals. Here is to another good week!

My tip for the week: Check out My Fitness Pal. (link on the right) This is a perfect tool to use to count your calories and add in your exercises. It really helps me keep on track with my food intake!


  1. You were up WAY too early this morning! I'm an hour ahead of you and still thought it was too early! You're so good! You're my motivation! I just think to myself, "Amy can do it and she's got her 5 little kids to take care of...I have no excuse!"

  2. Amy you are doing awesome! I'm glad I have you as a workout partner.

    The weigh in today was bad for me. I thought I was doing so good with my exercise, but the 2 lbs I gained say otherwise.

    Goals and adjustments for this week:
    *Don't eat at Rodizio grill
    *Stair master EVERYDAY!
    *Less carbs more protien

  3. Hey Amy. I gained a pound and a half last week, so I understand how you're feeling. I've never looked at myfitnesspal. I use sparkpeople, and I think it's the same thing.