Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Working

I'm still working on my goals. But this week I'm going to add another one. I'm going to look for healthy (and tasty, since those two don't always go hand in hand) recipes. I'll give them a try and report next week on how they go.

One of my biggest problems is snacking. Cookies are just too yummy! My preference for healthy snacking is dried fruit and fruit leather. But I constantly have my mother's voice in my head telling me that if I eat too many, they're going to re-hydrate in my stomach and then I'll explode. So I'm hoping to branch out this week.

I'll let you know how it goes. If anyone has any snacking suggestions, I'm all ears!


  1. My favorite new snack it the light vanilla Activa with REAL fruit in it. It is almost like ice cream. My other idea is just to go down the 100 calorie snack aisle. They have a lot of new things now. And I am glad you are going to try healthy recipes. I am too nervouse to do it!

  2. Sometimes when I feel like I need to snack on something (but really don't), I just drink some water so that I feel full and I chew a piece of sugar free gum. I also do the gum thing when I think I need a quick sugar fix after a meal.