Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success

I had a breakthrough yesterday! This may be gross, but I must share. When I was younger, I remember watching my older sister workout and I remember thinking how hard she must have worked to get sweat to show up on her shirt the way it did. I wanted to be just like her and so when I would work out, I'd try and try to get sweat to show through on my shirt. It would never happen. Well, yesterday when I got home from the gym, I looked in the mirror and what do you know...I had a sweat mark! Anyway I'm pretty happy about it. I worked hard last night to get it and I'm dang proud. I just hope that when I weigh in on Monday, my hard work will show up on the scale too.
I love the stair master and so far I've been doing it everyday!


  1. Great job with the sweating! (Never thought I'd say that) I always sweat a ton on my back whenever I'm hot, but other than that I don't sweat a whole lot anywhere else, except maybe under my boobs. Just make sure you're drinking lots of water so you don't get dehydrated!

    I usually weigh in on Friday, but I should maybe start thinking about weighing in on Monday so I don't let myself cheat all weekend, thinking I still have a few days to get back on track.

  2. Love the sweat patch. That stair master is a killer! I loved that we both had steady streams coming down our faces. I still laugh thinking about it! Can't wait to see you tonight at the gym!!! Core Fushion here we come!

  3. Please don't look so cute after sweating so much!! I hope to see you soon...